Posted on: April 10, 2017

Information Regarding Restoring the Dune

Dear Bethany Beach Enthusiasts, 

We know Bethany Beach is a special place to you, but are you aware that the beach is in desperate need of re-nourishing?  The Army Corps of Engineers designed the beach and dune for a 50-year life if it is re-nourished every 3 years.  Yes, the wide beach and dune are engineered infrastructure, and the plan requires funding by Congress (and they are a year late already).  Delaware’s congressional team is pushing for funding but they need the support of Congressmen from other states, your state.   Therefore, we are reaching out to Bethany Beach fans from other states, won’t you mention the importance of Bethany Beach to your congressional politicians, families, and friends and anyone you may know to be involved in the political process to encourage their support for beach renourishment.  The more people in Washington that are aware of the issue, the better the chance we can get the needed funding to rebuild the beach and dune that protect the Town we all love and enjoy so much.   Sometimes just being aware of an issue helps when it comes to a vote.

As Delaware’s Senator Coons said, there would be no Bethany Beach if we had not had the dune and wide beach to protect us from the last 3 nor’easters.  Now it has deteriorated over the past 3 years and is ready for nourishment.  Beaches, like other infrastructure, require periodic maintenance, and this is much more cost effective than responding later to the expected expensive natural disaster.

Thank you for making as many contacts you can to keep the “beach” in Bethany Beach.

Bethany Beach Town Council and Mayor

Remember before the dune?

Let's get the dune restored back to this.

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