New Water Service

Guidelines for Establishing a New Water Service

  • Obtain a Town water permit from Town Hall
    (214 Garfield Parkway, Ph: (302) 537-3771)
    • All applicable fees and costs must be paid at this time
      • The following is an outline of these costs:
        • Impact Fee
        • Tapping Fee
        • Water Meter
        • Meter Pit
        • Fittings
        • Inspection
  • The water main tap is done by Town personnel. Meter and pit installation is done by a licensed plumber, and must be inspected by the Town of Bethany Beach
  • A 72-hours notice must be given to the Water Department regarding date and time of installation.
  • Meter, pit and fittings are to be picked up at the Water Plant by your plumber on the day of installation. A time of inspection will be agreed upon at time of pick-up.
  • All water meters and pits will be installed at or near the property line.