Mosquito Control

Scheduled Spraying

During mosquito season, from late spring through early fall, the Town of Bethany Beach applies both larvicide and adulticide products as needed to help control mosquitoes.

This generally occurs between 3:00 am and 7:00 am Friday mornings, weather permitting, throughout the Town's approximately 19 miles of streets and alleys.

For additional information, call the Public Works Director at (302) 539-1339 or view the Mosquito Control Information.

Additional Spraying

Additional adulticide applications may be added, depending upon conditions.

Specific requests for spraying will be assessed and performed, depending upon the severity of the infestation.

Licensed Staff

The Town's Mosquito Control Program is supervised by the Public Works Director who is properly trained and licensed.

The Town Public Works Director has a current pesticide applicators license. This license is kept current through continuing education credits within the mosquito control field. The Public Works Director also has a mosquito control endorsement. He attends an annual mosquito control seminar in order to keep current with new and changing technologies.