Come see one of the oldest homes in Bethany Beach and a glimpse of what life was like during the early days of the town.

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Summer is just around the corner.  Do you have what it takes to be a BB Lifeguard?

Lifeguard Recruiting 23

Click here to register for the 2023 Junior Lifeguard Program.


Congratulations to all the finalists in our 2023 Photo Contest: 

Al Gruber, Anne Marie Allison, Cathy Bernier, Glenn Shipley, H.K. Suh, Julie Pohl, Kathrine Calderazzi, Ken Collin, Lisa Braden, Marian Dowling, Mathew Beatty, Nancy Hedgespeth, Raymond Finkleman, and Grand Prize Winner Maryfrances Berger.

Thanks to all who voted.

The below photos will be featured in the Town of Bethany Beach calendar which will be available May 1st.

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More details to come...

Poseidon Festival 2023

Bethany Beach Patrol Reunion Dinner 

July 16th, 6:30 - 10 pm 

Each year, a current BBP guard is awarded the Ed Dean Scholarship to help pay for college tuition costs. This family-friendly event is open to the public.

VFW (29265 Marshy Hope Way, Ocean View, DE 19970)

Tickets: $50 (all guests must purchase a ticket. Kids 12 & under free)

Enjoy food buffet, drinks, & live music

Click here for tickets


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