Handicap Access

Handicap Beach Wheelchairs

In order to accommodate those with a handicap who desire to leave the boardwalk and enjoy the beach, the Town of Bethany Beach presently has two specially made wheelchairs capable of maneuvering in sandy conditions.

The wheelchairs are light in weight and have large smooth tires that allow the wheelchairs to ride on the sandy surface, instead of typically bogging down in soft soil. The wheelchairs are non-motorized and are operated manually by the occupant and an assisting family member or friend.


The beach wheelchairs are available daily May 15 through September 15 from 9:30 AM to 5 PM at no cost on a “first come – first serve” basis. They can be checked out for use at the Lifeguard Station located at the top of Garfield Parkway at the ocean. A sign at the Lifeguard Station provides the telephone number to call to borrow a beach wheelchair (302) 539-1000.

Those requesting use of the wheelchairs will be asked to provide identification which will be logged, indicating who is using the wheelchair, date and time of checkout, and time of return. Users are requested not to take the wheelchair beyond the incorporated limits of Bethany Beach.

Location of Handicap Access Ramps

Handicap crossovers to access the beach are located on Wellington Parkway and Ocean View Parkway.
NOTE: Due to damage caused by the Mother’s Day Nor’Easter, Wellington Parkway is open but is not handicap accessible. Please use Ocean View Parkway for handicap accessibility.