Town Regulations

We are grateful and very appreciative that you are visiting or vacationing in Bethany Beach. While here your safety is of paramount importance to us. Contained in this brochure are Rules, Regulations, and Safety Tips pertaining to our beach, bicycling, skateboarding, and pedestrian traffic. Please enjoy your time in Bethany Beach.


Bicycling in Bethany Beach can be an enjoyable and healthy activity which also relieves traffic congestion during our busier summer months. In order to make bicycling as safe and injury free as possible we ask that you comply with our bicycling regulations.

Bicyclists must not:

Operate or ride upon a bicycle under the age of 16 without wearing a helmet.

Ride upon a bicycle while under the influence or alcohol or drugs.

Carry more persons at one time than the number for which it is designed except that an adult rider may carry a child securely attached to the person in a backpack or sling.

Cling to or be attached to a motor vehicle.

Ride upon a bicycle without at least one hand on the handlebars.

Ride a bicycle while wearing earplugs or a headset.

Fail to stop at a stop sign or obey a traffic control device.

Engage in a bicycle race.

Ride a bicycle at night that does not have a white lamp on the front capable of emitting a light that can be seen 500 to the front and does not have a red light or reflector on the rear that can not be seen from a distance of 600 feet.

Ride a bicycle on a sidewalk.

Ride a bicycle without yielding to pedestrians.

Ride a bicycle on the boardwalk from May 15th through September 30th except between the hours of 6:00AM – 9:00AM

Bicyclists are to travel in the same direction as a motor vehicle, comply with all laws as those of motor vehicles, and are to use bike lanes where provided. Bicyclists are to park bikes at bike racks positioned throughout Town and strongly urged to secure their bike with a locking device.


Our beach is lifeguard patrolled starting Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Lifeguard hours are 9:30AM – 5:30PM on weekends and 10:00AM – 5:00PM Monday through Friday. Our beach will also be lifeguard patrolled on weekends through the end of September. Always ask a lifeguard if you have beach related questions. Beach activities can be relaxing and injury free providing you follow our suggested safety tips and rules.


Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and liquids.

Use at least SPF 15 sunscreen

Take time to read beach rules/information signs located at all beach entrances and on the back of lifeguard stands.

Swim in front of lifeguard stands and between orange jetty flags.

Stay off rock jetties

Stay abreast of weather conditions and clear the beach when ordered to do so by lifeguards.

Know water conditions for the day by reading information posted on back of lifeguard stands or asking the nearest lifeguard.

Look for and be aware of “Rip” currents which account for approximately 80% of all lifeguard rescues. 

If caught in a “Rip” current remain calm and swim parallel to the beach until you no longer feel the pull of the “Rip” current, then swim towards the beach. 

Do not dive under the waves in shallow water

Do not stand with your back to the waves

Do not body-surf or body-board straight into the beach or “over the falls”. Instead, ride the shoulder of the wave parallel to the shoreline. Failure to do so may result in head, neck, back, or shoulder injury.

Obey all lifeguard commands

Be courteous to those around you. Help keep beaches clean by depositing trash in containers at all beach entrances.


You must not:

Possess glass bottles or containers on the beach.

Consume or possess alcohol while on the beach.

Be on the beach between 1:00AM – 5:00AM (Beach Curfew)

Allow dogs on the beach anytime from May 15th – September 30th.

Have open burning on the beach without a permit.

Fly a kite or toss or throw any object during lifeguard hours. 

Sleep on the beach, on the boardwalk, or under the boardwalk from 10:00PM – 8:00AM.

Fish on the beach during the hours of lifeguard protection and between 10:00AM – 5:00PM during the month of September.


Always wear approved safety equipment

Avoid skateboarding beyond your capabilities and experience

Always be aware of potential pot holes, loose gravel, stones, and sand on streets

Be aware of surrounding vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic


It is a violation to:

Skateboard on the boardwalk, boardwalk ramps, on or in the vicinity of the Bandstand. (Damage to Town property resulting from skateboarding subject to criminal arrest)

Skateboard on a sidewalk

Skateboard on Garfield Avenue east of RT. 1.

Skateboard on Atlantic Avenue between Parkwood St. and Central Ave. 

Skateboard on Pennsylvania Avenue

Erect jumping boards, ramps, or other objects on streets or Town “right-of-way”


Always use sidewalks when available

Avoid walking in designated bike lanes

Always walk facing traffic when sidewalks are not available

It is suggested to carry a light and wear reflected clothing when walking at night

Do not assume that a motorist will yield “right-of-way” to a pedestrian.