Over four years ago the Town began to use a Phone Notification System to deliver information to residents. Resident’s phone numbers for informational dial ups were gathered from a number of sources and messages that dealt not only with storm or emergency notifications have been delivered to residents over the years. This technology was purchased to deliver both general information and emergency information to Bethany Beach Property owners. Unfortunately the company that sells the product is called “Code Red” and the name of the company itself implies notifications of an emergency nature, although the systems are sold to deliver all types of information.

Some residents are upset when they receive information that is not specific to a storm or an emergency. In order to correct this problem and give residents a choice regarding what sort of notifications they receive, there is a quick registration process where a resident may choose to receive notifications about general information, emergency information, weather warnings or receive all three notifications. Please click on link below to register for the type of notification you would like to receive. If you do not register for specific notifications you will continue to receive all three.

While a calling data base was created by extracting information from the Town’s computerized files and other public record sources, not all phone numbers of residents and residential and business property owners were captured, if you are not on our Phone Notification System and would like to be please click on link below to register.

Should you at anytime desire to be removed from the calling list you may do so by calling the Bethany Beach Police Department at 302-539-1000.
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