Public Parking - Pay to Park

Pay to park is effective every day May 15 through September 15 in all public parking areas.
 - Everyone is required to pay including vehicles with Handicap tags.
 - Hours As Posted: Hollywood St. to First St.: 10AM – 11 PM | All other: 10 AM – 8 PM
 - Rate: $3.00 per hour
 - Time Limits: 2 hour limit on Garfield Parkway: all other unrestricted

Please reference the Parking Map.

You may pay to park at any of our 1000 designated public parking spaces using your mobile phone, credit/debit cards at a pay station, or quarters at a pay station or single parking meter. You may also purchase daily or weekly permits at the Police Department, 214 Garfield Parkway.


  • Look for the ParkMobile sign or sticker.
  • Sign up with an easy registration. Please enter your license plate number correctly as it appears on your vehicle registration.
  • Once registered, enter the zone number or scan the QR code from the sign to start a parking session.
  • Confirm zone number, location, and license plate number (include all letters and numbers) for parked vehicle.
  • Choose the duration you wish to park (if required by location).
  • Confirm all of your information and start parking.
  • That’s it! You can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire.
  • A countdown timer shows time remaining in parking session and offers the option to extend the session (based on location).

ParkMobile Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Stations

Pay Stations are located throughout Town in our beach lots and in the business area. The coin and credit card aperture locations, controls, and operating mechanisms are compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Service and handicap-tagged vehicles are NOT exempt from paying at a pay-to-park space.

The automated kiosk accepts quarters, as well as credit cards (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover). Pay & Display pay stations issue ticket receipts that must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, but allows the customer to use unexpired time at another pay-to-park location. Cost is the same at any space: $3.00 per hour.

Directions are on each machine as follows: 
1. Insert one or more quarters in the slot (Expiration time will be displayed on the screen), or insert a Credit/Debit Card (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover) into the opening and remove quickly. Click the buttons to add or decrease time until your desired expiration time is reached.
 2. Once your desired time is noted on the screen, push the green print button.
 3. Take your ticket receipt from the dispenser.
 4. Bring the ticket receipt back to your vehicle and place the ticket receipt on the drivers-side dashboard with the expiration time displayed for monitoring by Parking Enforcement Officers.
If you have difficulties with a Parking Pay Station or you would like to report a problem, please call the Bethany Beach Parking Department at 302-539-1000 or speak to any Police or Parking Enforcement Officer. If the unit will not perform, customers may still park in the area and purchase a ticket receipt from another nearby Pay Station or use ParkMobile. 

Daily Parking Permits

  • Required May 15 thru Sept 15
  • Purchase in person 24/7 at the Police Department (214 Garfield Parkway).
  • All public parking is on a first come basis. Purchase of a Permit does not guarantee a parking space.
  • Valid in all designated pay to park spaces except on Garfield Parkway. They are valid for the day purchased and until 10 AM of the next day.

Not valid for parking in Residential Permit or Business Permit areas.

  • 1 Day $30; 3 Days $90; 7 Days $210.

Construction Parking Permits

  • Required May 15 thru Sept 15
  • Purchase in person 24/7 at the Police Department (214 Garfield Parkway).
  • Valid in all designated pay to park spaces except on Garfield Parkway and all Residential Parking by permit areas during the hours of 10 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.
  • $15 per day