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Posted on: November 7, 2022


Beach Access Update


The Town has received a few inquiries regarding beach access from the boardwalk. The ocean continues to break on or close to the dune and there has been no substantial buildup of sand that would make crossover reconstruction possible. Because of this, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) does not have plans to rebuild beach crossovers from the boardwalk at this time.


Some have suggested that the Town build steps to reach the beach. They recall the Town did this years ago. Those steps were built after multiple storms had completely washed the dune away. Those steps were permanently attached to the boardwalk’s substructure. They exist today and are buried under the existing dune. If storms continue to pummel the beach and dune those steps may soon be exposed, and at that time the Town will put them back into service.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to build safe and secure free-standing steps in front of the dune. There is no effective way to securely attach steps to a dune face that is deteriorating daily from the effects of wind and wave, and the first significant high tide would damage the steps or wash them away.


The Town continues to anticipate full beach replenishment and the reconstruction of the dune and all beach crossovers in 2023. The United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources does not have a start date for that work at this time.


The beach is currently accessible at these crossovers:


5th Street

4th Street

Oakwood Street 

Maplewood Street

Ashwood Street

Cedarwood Street 

Oceanview Parkway (depending on tide and weather this may be closed)


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