Purpose Statement


To maintain and keep current the Town’s Charter and Ordinances.

Scope of Work

  • Review ordinances on a routine basis to edit outdated and redundant entries.
  • Upgrade the Town Code to meet any anticipated changes in law, evolving technologies and new regulatory issues.
  • CORC may discuss any new item that a community or committee member brings forward.
  • CORC will solicit input from Town Offices/Staff.
  • Any recommendations for significant change will be forwarded to Town Council in the form of a white paper.


  • A member of CORC will volunteer to write a “white paper” detailing the proposal and present it to the CORC Committee as a whole at the next scheduled meeting.
  • If the CORC committee agrees with the “white paper”, the Chairman will present the proposal to the Town Council at its meeting scheduled for the following month.
  • At its next meeting (30 days later), the Town Council should vote on whether or not the CORC committee should proceed with the proposal.
* Note: The above noted procedures will not be followed for simple housekeeping amendments to the Town Code.