In 2004, the Town of Bethany Beach implemented a beautification initiative. The goal of this initiative was to enhance the properties owned and maintained by the Town by adding colorful landscape designs and planting beds.

Town staff plants and maintains beds located throughout Bethany Beach. The Town also maintains two parks; one next to Town Hall and the other on the canal at Pennsylvania Avenue and First Street, known as Centennial Park. In addition to the two parks, the Town maintains the grounds of the Bethany Beach Nature Center located at 807 Garfield Parkway.

Hanging baskets and planters were added to downtown Bethany Beach in 2011. Decorative planters have also been placed throughout the town.
The design, planting and maintenance is handled by the Public Works Department. Mowing, trimming, and pruning duties are also handled by the department.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

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Stellar Annuals

You can have a beautiful flower bed too. We put together a list of our favorite annuals that are readily available in our zone and can be successfully grown with proper maintenance. Click here for a description of stellar annuals.