Prospect Information

If you are interested in joining the Beach Patrol, email the Beach Patrol Captain (Attention: Beach Patrol Captain) with the Prospect Information or call Captain Joe Donnelly at (302) 752-6273.

Basic Qualifications

  • Minimum age requirement is 17 years old (unless waived at 16 years old)
  • Must possess the ability to successfully complete First Responder and CPR training
  • Health and fitness: Possess adequate mental and physical abilities to perform the duties of an ocean lifeguard effectively
  • Exhibit great character and decision making skills on and off duty
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, a great work ethic, and respect for co-workers

Basic Requirements

  • Complete and pass the physical tryout
  • Complete and pass the semaphore training and testing
  • Pass written test
  • Interview with Captain and Lieutenants
  • Provide a doctor’s note indicating good health necessary to perform the duties of a lifeguard (including hearing and vision evaluation)
Please note that as a seasonal employee with the town of Bethany Beach, you are not guaranteed employment summer to summer. Character and performance will be constantly evaluated and serve as the basis for re-hiring for the following summer.