Household / Family

It is essential to involve each family member when making disaster preparation plans. Discuss with them with importance of being prepared and the types of disasters that could affect Bethany Beach and your family. Show and explain to them the simple steps (below) that can ensure their safety and reduce their anxiety regarding emergencies.

Before a Disaster

  • Make sure everyone knows where to find your disaster supply kit and Go-Bags
  • Make sure everyone knows the location of a flashlight in case of power outage
  • Know evacuation routes
  • Know the numbers to call or the radio stations to monitor for a list of open shelters
  • Make sure vehicles are at least half full of fuel at all times and fill them to capacity if time allows
  • Plan in advance where to meet should family members become separated during an emergency
  • Make sure each family member knows who your out-of-state contact person is and instruct them to call and tell them your whereabouts
  • Make sure each person knows where and how to turn off gas, electric, and other utility mains should the need arise
  • Instruct each member how to use a fire extinguisher
  • Consider special needs of children, seniors, and those with disabilities
  • Consider needs of pets

More Information

State of Delaware website.